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We provide custom on hold messages with music and image enhancing voice greetings for your telephone communications.

Message On Hold Samples

Hearing is believing. Audition our on hold message audio samples. The perfect combination of professional voice image and industry appropriate background music. Over 50 industry samples.

Voice Talents

Our exceptional roster of national broadcast-quality voice talents are ready to record your on hold message or voice greetings, creating the professional image that will let callers know you mean business.


Please Hold offers the latest digital on hold message playback equipment that will give years of reliability and top quality sound.

Hold Messages and VOIP phones

We can provide your on hold message or voice greetings in the format perfectly suited for your VOIP or Hosted PBX system.

Why choose us for your on-hold message?

Since 1993 we have provided over 2000 companies nationwide with the right combination of image enhancing on hold messages that captivate callers. Our creative team of copywriters, national broadcast voice talents and studio engineers are dedicated to your total satisfaction.

On hold messages can greatly improve how your company is perceived by customers, prospects and vendors. Too often, putting callers on hold with silence or a radio can turn off callers and let their attention wander while they wait. Hold messages can help your business communicate important information while they wait. Why not help them stay focused on your products, services, company history and so much more?
Please Hold Advertising’s creative professionals will custom design an on-hold message for your company with the right image, message and music background. We provide the perfect solution no matter what type of phone system you have. From 1 or 2 line cordless phones, to analog or digital hybrid PBX phone systems to the latest in VOIP or Hosted PBX phone systems, we can help you make the best impression every time you say, “Please Hold”.

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